I knew something wasn’t right, maybe it was insight or mothers instinct or the fact that I have been on aggressive bed rest since my 22nd week and moderate bed rest since the cervical cerclage was placed at 18 weeks. Also the fact that I spent a weekend in the 23rd week getting the round of steroids to help speed up the development of her lungs.

It all actually started on the 18th I was in so much pain we went to the ER to be sent home with a diagnosis of having a bladder infection. They were wrong because shortly after midnight on the 19th my water broke. We rushed to the ER again and sure enough I was in labor.

We were able to slow it down and get the magnesium treatment to protect her brain. Which by the way if you ever ever EVER have to have this treatment done it feels like someone set your insides on fire and they don’t let you have anything other than ice chips which doesn’t come close to helping or giving you any relief from the fires of hell going on inside your body.

At 2:03am on the 20th Katie entered this world at 1lb 12ozs and her first action was to bite her doctor so we already knew she was a fighter.