Good question. It’s for my mental health. Katie is now 15 months old 12 months corrected and we are under quarantine hence the title that I just realized is misspelled in the URL. Oh well it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t something missing or wrong. Anyhow because Katie is on a ventilator and immune suppressed we can pretty much go nowhere and only healthy people are allowed to visit. Which during the winter that’s not a lot of people. Outside of the people that come weekly for Katie’s therapy or nurses the only other time I see another adult during the week is when my husband comes home. So that means that my social skills have gone to shit because Katie can’t hold conversations and neither can the dog. If the dog starts talking to me I know I’ve gone around the bend.

I spend a lot of my time isolated from the world and you can definitely lose your mind when you have no one to talk to. It’s like solitary confinement only I have a baby that poops, pukes and pees on me and occasionally will bitch slap me across my face.

Take that daddy!

It’s difficult to keep your sanity because most people have jobs and work during the day so it’s not exactly easy to have any adult conversation during the week. So this is why I started this blog to keep myself together even if I’m only talking to myself and no one ever reads this but me at least I’m not holing it up inside to develop into a brain tumor later in life.