Katie was very generous today for Valentine’s Day and only puked on me twice today. .

I like sharing my food then passing out afterwards

My sweet husband gave me the day off which was a lovely idea that the universe was not on board for. I went out shopping almost got smacked into by some lady at the 1-75 interchange, went to get a fountain pop they give me the wrong one, and then to top it off I’m in the store and a lady quite literally walks right into me. So taking the universe’s advice I went home and took a nap. All in all though with everything that has gone on this week it still was a great Valentine’s Day because I am truly blessed to have such an amazing kind of spaced out husband and an absolutely amazing silly daughter. She laughs like a crazy person whenever I stick my tongue out at her. She’s just such a happy baby. More people need to be like her. She’s gone through numerous surgeries, so many medications and enough x-rays I’m slightly surprised that she doesn’t glow and yet every day she wakes up with a smile and a laugh and then strangles the crap out of her monkey blanket.

012 (3).JPG
What the monkey had it coming!

Right now she’s happily asleep and I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to do with myself. There are things I could do but that sounds tedious and involves me moving from out under my really warm blanket. So Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours and maybe I’ll actually find some direction for this blog because I feel like I’m definitely aimless at the moment.