There are times when I really really really really hate Katie’s nursing company. The nurses are great but omg the office is the worst. How many times they haven’t called me to tell me I wouldn’t have a nurse is ridiculous. If it wasn’t for Katie’s wonderful nurses I’d have no idea when one of them is taking a day off or are sick or whatever.

It’s been one of those days that you really wish you could pull the covers back over your head and start the day over again because obviously this take is a mess. Had to change Katie’s trach twice because I put the wrong size in, woke up to a sick puking husband, the physical therapist accidentally broke a frame and glass was all over my entry way then to put the cherry on the top Katie pukes all over me. So I think I’m over Monday. It’s been horrid and I’m hoping it’s not a forecast of how the week is going to go because if it is I’m going back to sleep. Oh and I almost forgot at the moment we don’t have a nurse for tonight… least Katie is super happy.


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