I keep meaning to update this blog but every time I start I realize I have nothing but issues and complaints and who wants to hear about that right? I will say this it’s amazing how alone you can feel even if you have friends, family, and are married.

I get told all the time what a great mom I am and how involved I am with Katie’s therapy

katiebelle 002.JPG
She’s the only thing that keeps me sane

and I think to myself how far behind would she be if I were not here or what would happen to her and her progress if I were to die (not by my doing just to assure you). OT and PT are only out here 4 times a week total so about 4 hours a week she gets therapy, the rest is up to me and only me. I got some books from the library about therapy because I’m at the point I’ve already learned what I can from her therapists. It would be lovely to have actual help with her therapy but c’est la vie. Thank god or science or whatever for anxiety medication or else I might be on the news for randomly strangling some poor person in Meijer for running into me.


On a brighter note, Katie is getting better and better at standing and I think with help from this book I have I’ll have her crawling in no time.

I’m not sure about this whole standing thing….