Yesterday Katie got her last RSV shot of the season and was a champ. Only cried for a moment then was like okay let’s get the hell out of here. She fell asleep on my chest before her shots so you could say she had a rude awakening the poor thing.

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You are so comfortable!

Now she weighs a whopping 17lbs 8ozs which is a 12 ounce gain since the 1st of the month. Apparently the extra calories are really working thank god. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve been puked on more than my fair share but in the end it’s worth every clothing change. She’s teething again so I get to spend a fair amount of my time massaging her gums. I wish she would chew on her teethers but she just doesn’t like to put things in her mouth. However her lovely OT lady suggested these things called jigglers which vibrate that she loves to put in her mouth or on her face. Here is the link in case you are having similar issues with your preemie. (  Wow that’s a long url.

Not much more to report so instead here is some happy baby pictures.