This is insane. Where does the year go and matter of fact why can’t it be the end of April already. Katie’s next U of M appointment is at the end of April and I’m hoping that they will FINALLY make some changes to her ventilator. She’s been doing awesome and I’m finally getting her to creep towards her toys. The PT lady has been trying for months with no avail so I asked a nurse friend of mine what she did with her kids and it’s so simple just put them on the floor and leave their toys out of reach and BAM creeping like a superstar. I’ve been trying to get a new PT person, she’s not a bad therapist just I think we’ve hit a wall that we can’t get over at the moment. OT has been great and has been training my husband how to feed her without her trying to vomit on him. Last night he feed her on her own for the first time!

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