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Choking noises are hilarious mommy!

Holy crap does time fly by. I’m only able to post this because the little princess is taking her afternoon nap. It’s amazing how much she’s grown physically and mentally in the last month. She’s finally getting interested in the dog and actually petted her for the first time last week! Jelly still isn’t so sure about Katie yet but that’s because Jelly is a huge wuss and is afraid of cords and wires which Katie has an a lot of cords and wires. Last week Katie sneezed and the dog literally ran away to hide in the bedroom closet. Anyhow she’s getting better at crawling, standing, and doing wonderfully with eating by mouth.

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of her trach and G-tube placement and hopefully come the 28th the doctors at U of M will start the weaning process. It seems like it will be a long process to wean but hey as long as she’s healthy I’m happy. So I’m guessing no later than September for her to have the trach removed! I may have to do a double party for her second birthday and for her finally being off the ventilator.

I’m thinking about trying to set up a preemie clothing drive sometime this summer. I’m not sure how I’m going to go about it but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. It’s amazing how much preemie clothing costs, especially the clothes designed for babies that have PIC lines. 12 dollars a smock isn’t that insane!?! I think I’m going to learn to sew because I hate when people take advantage of an already crappy situation. I’ve priced it out and for the materials alone it’s like maybe 10 bucks to make 15 smocks for micro preemies. So less than a dollar a smock yet they charge 12 dollars each. Pisses me off just thinking of it actually.

Anyhow I hope everyone has a fantastic day and enjoy the spring weather!!!!!