Nowhere and I do mean nowhere is there even the slightest mention of my cousin’s death. I googled. I’m not sure why. Maybe curiosity? Anyhow she had a twitter and facebook and there is nothing about her passing. Nothing in the news about her body being found, literally nothing. No mark at all.

I got me thinking how sad that is. You live and you die. That’s the deal we all get we are born. What you do in between the two is what matters. Some of us make a huge mark on the world like Einstein or Henry Ford. Some of us become infamous for terrible things like Hitler or Charles Manson. Some of us become famous and touch others through their talent like Prince or Michael Jackson. Most of us only make a mark in the small scale through family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. Then there are the ones that make no mark at all. We never hear about them for various reasons, whether it’s because they burned all their bridges and are all alone or because they never interacted with anyone for whatever reason.

Patton Oswalt wrote a lovely tribute to his wife recently, it was on Time’s website and he said something that really hit home. She didn’t leave a hole, she left a blast crater.

Isn’t that what we should want to be remembered as? Someone that loved, lived, and cared to her fullest? Shouldn’t we all strive to leave our mark in a good way in our loved ones? Not just to leave a mark on the world but because you genuinely care and love the ones in your lives. Life is short they always say without thinking that life is the longest thing you ever do. It matters what you do in between and when someone you know dies I think that’s when we really realize how fragile life is. So I say be curious, learn new things, love your family and friends, let them know how much you care. Every. single. day. because one day hopefully long from now death will come knocking on your door. So be you and be kind and don’t just leave a hole, leave a blast crater.


If you haven’t seen the article Patton Oswalt wrote here is the url. It was beautifully sad. (