Because I totally got a new computer and forgot my password. 🙂 So let’s see what has happened in the last month and a half. Katie’s weaning OFF the ventilator!!!! We are currently up to 8 hours off the vent meaning she’s not hooked up to the vent at all and has a cap over her trach. Saturday we go to ALL waking hours off the vent. OMG this has been the best month or so since she was born. Everything has been going great, not many bumps in the road which I’m grateful for. She’s my little superhero. She’s now 20 months old as of yesterday and she’s getting bigger every day. Her last weigh in she was 19lbs 5ozs but that was a few weeks ago, so I think she’s more like 19 and 3/4lbs and almost 30 inches tall! So on July 1st I get to call the vent clinic to get further instructions. Which will be taking off her breathe rate during naptimes. Then breathe rate off overnight. So I’m thinking by her next appointment, I believe we will start capping her off for naps then overnight. Then it’s only a month or so before the surgery to close off the trach hole. I think it will be in September. 🙂 All in all fantastic news all over. Well she just woke up and is clapping for some reason lol.