A little background so that this makes sense. I’ve been with my husband for a little over 10 years and the ex I’m going to talk about is from like 11 years ago. Okay now this will make sense…..I think.

My ex and I were together on and off for almost 5 years. We would break up and get back together again or more accurately he would break up with me and then come back as soon as some other girl wasn’t as good to him as I was. Anyhow he was kind of a douche, though I’ll admit he was a funny and handsome douche. We meet through my lovely cousin whom I am friends with on Facebook. Anyhow for some reason the other day I decided to look at his Facebook page and boy did I ever feel like the winner in the ex game.

I almost never think of this guy but I was delighted, absolutely delighted in how bad he looks now. He looks much older now and isn’t so handsome anymore and has gained some weight and I was just absolutely thrilled by this. Which btw is terrible. I am a terrible terrible woman. lol I told my husband about this and apparently I was experiencing a schadenfreude moment (deriving pleasure from someone else’s misfortune). It literally made my day and I’m slightly concerned that I may be more evil then I previously thought.

Apparently this is my spirit animal