I can’t believe he’s the Republican nominee but hey yay cool meme


I originally was going to post this on Facebook but it got too long so instead I’m posting it here.

This is going to be extremely long so I apologize in advance. Most of my family on my side are voting Trump (I am not a Trump supporter) and so far I’ve been threatened to have my ass beat if I vote Hillary and been told I’m an idiot. So here’s the deal my man Bernie is out so I’m not talking politics anymore (other than meme’s making fun of Trump’s hair because that’s funny) nor am I going to tell anyone who I’m voting or not voting for. This I will say I will vote in November and I will vote for who in my humble opinion is the best person for the job. Everyone that knows me knows I’m a bleeding heart liberal and lean far left except I’m conservative in the financial sense. Take this as you will, just know I’m not going to argue, fight, or be violent for your choice in who you are voting for. This country was fought over to have the ability to choose who you want to represent our country. Some of us didn’t get to vote until the early 1900’s others not until really the 1960’s. There is still issues in some states on voter suppression to this day.

So I ask everyone just to be kind to each other even if you don’t like their political choices. Love one another and accept that everyone does not think like you or believe in everything you believe in. With the current landscape in our country we are too busy fighting and in some cases killing each other to realize that we are all in this together. Whether it’s Republicans vs. Democrats, white people vs. people of color, Religious vs. non religious or anything else I haven’t named. We need to realize as a country that their are problems that need to be fixed and it’s not going to get fixed overnight and it will take all of us to make a change or at least a huge portion of us. No matter who you vote for in November remember that the President doesn’t have all the power and no matter what they promise things will not get better overnight or in the first four years or even eight of the presidency.

I know at this point most people are frustrated and angry about the constant violence that is happening almost every single week. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a few days in the last month and a half without seeing the black background on CNN. Meaning there has been another mass killing or tragedy. I know I feel sick to my stomach thinking this is the world that I’m trying to raise my little girl in. So what are the answers? How do we stop this from constantly happening? There is no clear answers but I know we need to stop the infighting between groups of people and band together to make a change and not in the future but right now.

I can say one thing for sure neither Trump or Clinton is a band-aid. They won’t get elected and everything is just fixed. It will take time and effort and a huge group of people trying to make the world a better, safe place. I hope one day this will happen and I hope I get to witness it and be a part of a change for a better world. I know I went somewhat on a rant but I will leave you with this. No matter who you vote for, no matter what color your skin is, no matter what your religious affiliation is just know that I love you.