My foot is the shit!

I love love love the vent clinic Katie goes to. However I hate that I only get information piecemeal. So for the last few months I was under the impression her trach would come out by the end of the summer but apparently I didn’t have all the information and I was absolutely 100% WRONG. I’m only guessing but it sounds like it will be more like December or maybe not even until next spring at worse.

There is so much more to the weaning process then I was previously aware of. So we have started using a mist collar during her naps so we are still weaning at a decent clip but we also have to have a bronchoscopy done to make sure her bronchial tubes haven’t narrowed which can happen when a baby is on a trach. I’ve scheduled that for September 21st. So hopefully everything is okay because if it is then the ENT doctor can tell the vent clinic the okay to cap her trach which is the (I think) last step before the trach is actually removed. If it has narrowed she will have to have the tube widened with surgery which I really hope isn’t the case but from my understanding it’s not a major major surgery and honestly it’s better to know now then later right? Either way she’s doing great and by the time the 21st of September rolls around she’ll be off the vent full time but will still have the trach.

I’m currently looking at the silver linings of this all. She’s doing awesome. Now I can have her birthday party without worry about surgery being in the way. I’m just happy she’s doing so well with all of this. She’s such a trooper. I can’t wait to give her the baby drums I got her for her birthday. Yes drums because only I’m allowed to torture myself thank you very much!!!

The drums in question