So a lot has happened since last time I posted! Katie got her bronchoscopy done last month and everything was great. She didn’t even need to put her on a breathing machine or anything, she did the whole procedure breathing on her own while being knocked out. So a few weeks back we started capping her during her waking hours and she’s now at all waking hours capped off!!! The weaning at night is going great as well. She’s up to 6 out 9 hours off the vent overnight so in another couple weeks, she’ll be off the vent 24/7.

We have her sleep study coming up on the 9th of November which I’m hoping she passes, then we see the vent clinic and the ENT’s the following week. If everything goes well with the study, she stays healthy, and there is room in the ICU her tentative date for decannulation is the 30th of November. It’s a two night stay at the hospital but I’m hoping that it won’t have to be two nights. I’ll update when i know more. I hope all of you had a great summer and here’s to an even better fall!!!

It’s been awhile so here are some of the newer photos of her. The top left is her air-vo, the bottom right is her on her HME and the other three she’s capped off!