I normally don’t do this where I post up about something so serious but this is something that is very important to me. I’ve been a very lucky unlucky person and there are times were I get down about the life I lead but then I realize I am truly blessed because there is always someone that has it much worse than you. I think when you are a parent of a preemie it is very easy to have tunnel vision and that’s perfectly normal. Now I knew of Isaiah having brain cancer but I didn’t hear much about it because most people don’t want to burden you with their troubles when you’re in the NICU watching your little one fight for life every day.

Anyhow that is beside the point this post isn’t about Katie today, it’s about Isaiah. Isaiah is an amazing four year boy who has brain cancer. He previously had gone into remission but now it’s come back and I can tell you there are no words I can possibly say to his parents that are dear friends to my husband that will make this terrible situation better. However they did set up a donation site which I will be donating to after I post this. I hope the link that I left at the bottom works and I hope in some small way this gets spread around and maybe the internet could help this little man to hopefully beat cancer for good this time. On the site it gives the whole story and I know his parents wrote it and I don’t think I could do them justice by just copying it. If you are able to donate I’m sure they would greatly appreciate it and if you can’t if you could maybe share it around that would be awesome. I know I’m asking a lot here because you don’t know this little guy but maybe all of us together could help to save his life or at the very least give him a fighting chance. I hope your day goes well, I hope your little ones continue to thrive and above all I hope you wake up every single day and breathe in the air and know that every day is a gift. Bless you all!