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December 7th 2016 Katie finally got the trach removed!!! She had it in for a year and 8 months so just short of the two year mark they originally told me. She did remarkably well with the whole thing, her 02’s never dropped below 96 all night while we were at U of M Children’s Hospital. We were supposed to originally stay over two nights but because Katie was rocking it out so hard we got to go home after only one night! Also slightly awesome is that they have a care dog at the Children’s Hospital and she actually petted it! We have a dog here at home she doesn’t give the time of day to but this pretty golden retriever she was all about petting him. Anyhow I received the best Christmas present possible!!! Since her trach has come out she’s like a whole new child. She talks more, she’s more active and she’s holding down her food better every day.

The other huge change is we are soon to lose nursing (THANK GOD) come the 23rd. On Christmas Eve it will be the first time since Katie was born that we haven’t had a nurse helping to take care of her. And as much as I appreciate having had them, I’m grateful to be over with nursing. For one I can walk around in no pants in the summer again and that is something I will admit I really missed. I’ll try to get better about writing on this blog but it probably won’t be until next year when I’ll have more time to dedicate to this.

Anyhow Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!