IMG_8734Katie’s been doing just awesome. She weaned off the vent completely by last September and had the trach removed on December 7th 2016. Sorry for not updating but a lot has been going on and it’s just now starting to get into a workable routine.

Katie starts outpatient therapy next week for OT and PT but we are on the wait list for Speech and assuming I like this center I will be placing her in their feeding clinic, seeing she still has that strong oral aversion. We have set up a scar revision procedure for her for June 21st, it basically closes the trach site completely if it isn’t closed already and makes the scar look prettier. It’s a simple procedure and she will only have to be overnight one night so that will be nice and it means we can actually take her swimming this summer for the first time.

We sincere hope is I keep this blog up with updates on Katie’s journey I haven’t been the best at it and I probably will end up posting up stuff from the past that I haven’t mentioned yet. I don’t know if this is being read or not but if it is I hope her journey makes your journey feel a little bit less lonely.


Happy Early Easter!!


Also I’ll be putting anything about Katie’s journey under the family or Nicu related categories but I will write about other things as well. Cheers!