Don’t let this picture fool you, she fights sleep like she’s Muhammad Ali! 

I thought I was only going to write one post today but surprise bam a second one. So most parents know the frustration of getting your little human to go down for a nap or go to bed at night. I have to commend each and everyone of you because holy shit do they ever fight naps like they are a boxer in a heavy weight championship bout. Don’t they know one day they will regret all the naps they are currently fighting. One day they are going to get older, I’m assuming teen years and want to nap but they can’t because homework or whatever. Then they become adults and have to work and have responsibilities and will have little to no time for naps (Unless your my husband that dude could sleep during a rock concert). I think it finally hits you when you have children how much you regret all those naps you didn’t take and then the cycle repeats because I’m pretty sure our parents were strongly considering giving us Benadryl or whatever they had in the 80’s to make us fall asleep and now I totally understand why on the side of the Benadryl bottle is says “Do not use to make child sleepy”.


I don’t by the way use Benadryl to make her sleepy but oh my god I totally get it now.